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Welcome! MAKIN’ GROCERIES is a Cajun term for going grocery shopping. In South Louisiana you will often hear someone say they need to “Go Make Groceries”. MAKIN’ GROCERIES was developed to be a time saving tool for making your grocery shopping list. Plan your menu by adding your recipes, create your automated shopping list, check your pantry items, print your shopping list by store and location within store and you are ready to go make groceries!!

Do you want to learn more? Grab a cup of coffee or a cup a tea and let me tell you a little bit about our MAKIN’ GROCERIES program.

With MAKIN' GROCERIES, you enter each of your favorite recipes the first time you want to prepare them. You can save a little time by entering just the ingredients and coming back to enter the directions later. Once your recipes are in, you select the ones you want to prepare and MAKIN' GROCERIES gives you your shopping list. (More details are here).

If you like to plan a menu for a week or two at a time, like we do, MAKIN' GROCERIES gives you a calendar where you can do that. One friend says, "I just can't be that organized!" That's ok; the menu is completely optional. If you want to use it, put your recipes on the calendar, then MAKIN' GROCERIES prints the shopping list for you. You can even copy a previous menu as a starting point for a new one. (More details are here)

Do you have meals where you always prepare the same things together? When we fix Chicken Spaghetti in the crock pot, we always have broccoli and yeast rolls with it. You can create a "meal" that combines grocery items and recipes. When you get ready to make your shopping list, just select that meal and MAKIN' GROCERIES pulls it all together for you. We have created "meals" with all of the recipes that we cook for our family's traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. That alone will save a couple of hours of pulling together recipes and adding up ingredients. (More details are here)

Based on information you enter from your grocery store, MAKIN' GROCERIES will even print a aisle-by-aisle shopping list and will give you an estimate of what your shopping list will cost. (More details are here)

In addition, we are developing a recipe sharing network on our website. You can look at recipes that other people have submitted. If you find one that interests you, you can import it directly into your program.

There's lots more, but I wanted to give you just a taste. The price for MAKIN' GROCERIES is just $15. If this sounds like something that could help you save time and effort, click to purchase the program.

Thanks for looking at MAKIN’ GROCERIES. If you have questions, email or you can send an instant message through AIM to CSWMG.

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We have a number of enhancements planned and already in progress. All new versions will be sent to our customers at no charge.
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